Dana Vista Engineering Company established in August, 2006 in Tehran. As an independent company, it is new; but, it has at least 26 years of engineering experience on behind for a good back up and support; 16 years of it in the field of automotive industry. The main founders of the company have come from Industrial Services Engineering Co. (ISE Co.) which established on March, 84 for installation and maintenance of metalworking machinery and also, designing and consulting services for industrial companies. It was from February, 91 that ISE Co. became active in automotive field and in a period, on April, 96, part of it became the key figures for founding and running R & D center of Iran Khodro. Now, the group has been rounded up again and therefore, Dana Vista utilizes the vast experiences of an engineering company and also a well known R & D center which launched the 1st Iranian national vehicle, Samand. These experiences have not been achieved easily, but could easily be transferred to the customers who know and appreciate its value.

Dana Vista aims to help its customers improve themselves fundamentally in their own profession. To enter in the global market, one needs to think globally and act so. We help you to climb the first steps and you can be sure about being able to climb up by yourself.
We try to realize a "Buena Vista" (Good view) for our customers utilizing the "Wisdom" (Dana in persian means the "Wise" one).

Dynamism, Accuracy and Team-work. These are the main values we bond ourselves to focus on and care about.
Sincerity is our pride, Flexibility is our principle and Simplicity is our work trend.

Style of work
Dana Vista is flexible, working with its clients in the way preferred by the client, do it on-site, remotely, or a combination of both. Dana Vista typically works on a project in a team to assist the client in all areas of the business simultaneously. This allows for all parties involved to be in sync in terms of understanding the interconnections of all functional areas of the business.



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